Quiz - How much do you know about the European Innovation Fund?


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Innovation is essential in order to have competitive actions in the global economy. In the EU there are policies and programmes that support the development of innovation to increase investment in research and development in different sectors that can help improve the overall well-being of our lives. Let’¡s see how much you really know about the European Innovation Fund by taking the test below!


The European Commission is constantly promoting innovation through financial programs that support technological breakthroughs, new processes and business models, non-technological innovation and innovation in the services sector.

The Innovation Fund is one of the world’s largest funding programmes working with innovative low-carbon technologies. Its objective is to help create the right financial incentives for projects to invest technologies needed for the EU’s low-carbon transition, boost growth and competitiveness by empowering EU companies with a first-mover advantage to become global technology leaders and support innovative low-carbon technologies in all Member States in taking off and reaching the market.