Quiz - How much do you know about Climate Change?


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The European Union is constantly working to be part of the solution to climate change. There are several programs and initiatives that tackle Climate Change, but how much do you really know about these programs? The European Cooperation Team has prepared and interactive quiz to test your general knowledge on Climate Change and on the different programs that have been created.


Climate change is a reality that is affecting every country on every continent of the world. It is a process that is inevitable affecting lives and economies all over the globe. Each year the weather is changing and the conditions are becoming more severe, greenhouse gas emissions are now at their highest levels in history and it is the poorest and most vulnerable people which are being affected the most.

It is possible to be part of the change, but it is up to each one of us to make a slight change in our lives to tackle Climate Change.

Countries in Europe and all over the world are working together by creating initiatives to be able to shift towards a low-carbon economy. Make sure to read about it and inform yourself to be able to contribute and be part of the change.