European Cooperation: Portugal and Spain celebrate crossborder games
Sep 25

Portuguese and Spanish kids celebrate cooperation with cross-border games

Elvas, Portugal
25 Sep - 25 Sep
09:00 - 14:00
  • A group of 12-year-old students from Spain will travel to the neighboring city in Portugal. 
  • They will celebrate European Cooperation playing their grandparents´ street games.


The Spain-Portugal border is the European Union´s longest border, and its citizens call it “The Line“. But generation over generation, people across this “line” have lived together. Over the decades, its children have also shared the streets, and this year they will celebrate European Cooperation Day playing those ‘old school’ games their grandparents used to play.

The European Commission encourages the Programs to celebrate the EC day the week before or after September 21. In this context, the Interreg España-Portugal (POCTEP) Program will organise some ‘Traditional Crossborder Games’ On Wednesday, September 25.

A group of 12-year-old students from Badajoz, in Spain, will travel to a school in the neighboring city of Elvas, in Portugal. There, they will put into practice the values ​​of European Cooperation through traditional games from both sides of the border.

Building climate awareness

In addition, the SpanishPortuguese Red Cross will run a workshop. Along with the games, students will play and learn about waste management, water consumption, first aid and how to act in case of emergency. They are all crucial issues, especially in a region where droughts and fires are particularly common.

As in previous editions, some POCTEP´s project partners make the celebration possible. They are the “Eurocity Elvas, Badajoz, Campo Maior” (EUROBEC) project and the Spain-Portugal Red Cross´CVPCRE project.