National discussion festival “Būtent!” - European Cooperation Day
Sep 06

National discussion festival “Būtent!”

Birštonas, Lithuania
06 Sep - 07 Sep
16:30 - 20:30

The European Cooperation Day 2019 at festival “Būtent!”

On 6-7 of September, the European Cooperation Day will be celebrated at the discussion festival “Būtent!” in Birštonas. European Cooperation Day – annual series of events organized in September and aimed to promote regions and countries that are participating in cross-border cooperation.

6 cross border cooperation programmes organizes discussion “Good neighbors closer than relatives? Have Lithuania’s neighbors become closer?” at 16:00 on Saturday, September 7.

Prominent Lithuanians, living in neighbouring countries as well as notable figures of cross-border relations will join in public debate dedicated to the European Cooperation Day. The issues to be discussed to reflect the grass-root perception of the European Cooperation programmes and their impact on daily life of people living in the border areas.

Moreover the Programme will be presented  at the European Programmes tent where a lot of interactive activities will take place. There would be possible to write what Europe means to you, to be a part of interactive network, find special places in Birštonas following the map, participate in quiz and win the prizes and many other fun things