European Cooperation Day at Uni: Interactive Pannel Exhibition
Sep 23

EC Day at Uni: Interactive Pannel Exhibition

Cáceres, Spain
23 Sep - 29 Sep
09:00 - 00:00

The Caceres University (technical school) will host an Interactive Panel Exhibition about Interreg´s projects all over Europe.

On this occasion, Interreg Spain-Portugal projects 0445_4IE_4_P and 0499_4IE_PLUS_4_E  brings this opportunity for the students to get to know more about Europe´s cooperation.

This is part of a series of actions taken by Interreg Spain-Portugal Programme, with secondary school and university students, as well as journalists. They will showcase Interreg´s projects and its impact on citizens´ lives.

The Exhibition will be open from 8 to 22 to the general public at the Caceres Technical College Architecture Pavillion along this week and includes:

European knowledge infographic. Charts built with the answers of the participants to a series of questions about Europe.

Cloud of positive words. Creating a word cloud on a wall or giant panel with positive words that suggests the concept of European cooperation or the EU in general.

Europe color mosaic. Participants build a mosaic choosing a colored little card (they will choose the card with the color that represents Europe for them).